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SURFLEX is a water-based dye that can be applied to your leather products. 

WHY IT’S DIFFERENT – Unlike lacquer-base preparations which close the pores and shorten the life of leather, water-base SURFLEX leaves the pores of the leather open. This enables you to condition your leather to keep it soft and supple after you have re-colored it.

• Restore (or change) the color of both leather and vinyl. SURFLEX is a superior water based polymer dye used for refinishing leathers. SURFLEX will not crack, chip or become brittle with age. SURFLEX restores the natural leather appearance and does not look “painted”. SURFLEX will not fill in or cover up the natural leather or vinyl grain pattern. Achieve excellent results without previous experience or special equipment. Non-toxic and low odor, SURFLEX cleans up with soap and water.

• SURFLEX can be easily applied using a soft brush or proper spray equipment. SURFLEX dries to a natural finish in about 20 minutes. The new SURFLEX finish will remain permanently flexible. Clean with soap and water when soiled. (Please wait at least 6 weeks for the new finish to “cure” before cleaning or conditioning.) At a fraction of the cost of reupholstering, your leather or vinyl will look beautiful. And – restoration of original interiors, rather than replacement, increases the value of a vintage automobile.

Colors Available: Standard Black, Standard White, Porsche 917 Black

Sizes Available:
1/2 Pint…………….covers approximately 75 square feet - $58.00
Pint……………….. covers approximately 150 square feet - $87.00
Quart……………… covers approximately 300 square feet - $130.00

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