Color Plus Leather Restoration sells the most professional do-it-yourself products to clean, condition, and recolor your leather products!

Color Plus products can be used to restore any leather products including automobile interiors, sofas, shoes, saddles, motorcycle seats, handbags, boat interiors, and so much more!

Complete Restoration Process:

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A special Thanks for the Dye and the added info on the Back to Black. Your Customer Service is off the chart.. Something you don't fine to often now days...PS Your product is also first class. Again Thank You,


I used the Conditioner on four pairs of Cole Haan shoes. I am happy to report the results exceeded my expectations; makes me wonder why I did not think of it earlier! The shoes become so soft it is actually hard to believe; there was no change in color. Does take couple of days to see the result.


I am more than pleased with these results.  The console cover was badly "spider web cracked" - especially the front 1/3rd.  Used Joanne's "leather spackle" to first fill the many cracks.  Looks almost new. Thanks again!!