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SUPER Cleaner, SOFFENER, and SURFLEX Standard Recolor Kit

Color-Plus Leather Restorations

Regular price $126.00

Includes SUPER Cleaner, SOFFENER Leather Conditioner, SURFLEX Standard Color (Black or White), and 1 Cleaning pad

Includes SUPER Cleaner, SOFFENER Leather Conditioner, SURFLEX Custom color, and 1 Cleaning Pad

STEP 1: SUPER Cleaner

Industrial Strength. Phosphate free. Ph-balanced for leather. Biodegradable. Removes surface and embedded dirt. Removes oil and water-base stains. Safe for leather and vinyl. Also cleans rugs, floor mats, headliners, convertible tops and vinyl tops. Use as a car wash. Removes tar.


WHY IT'S DIFFERENT: - Moisture in the interior layer of the leather evaporates through the pores causing it to shrink and stiffen. SOFFENER™, a proprietary blend of natural oils, absorbs deep into these fibers and restores the lost moisture. Leather regularly conditioned with SOFFENER™ will retain its suppleness and natural feel.

For best results let SOFFENER™ absorb into the leather for 24 hours. Will not darken color-coated leathers. Use on all leathers. NOT FOR USE ON SUEDE.


SURFLEX is a water-based dye that can be applied to your leather products. We specialize in custom color matches.

WHY IT’S DIFFERENT – Unlike lacquer-base preparations which close the pores and shorten the life of leather, water-base SURFLEX leaves the pores of the leather open. This enables you to condition your leather to keep it soft and supple after you have re-colored it.

Kit Sizes Available: 

Pint……………….. covers approximately 150 square feet - $126.00
Quart……………… covers approximately 300 square feet - $172.00