Will the Color Crack or Peel off?

A properly prepared surface is essential for good adhesion of color. The main reasons why the color would crack or peel off after application are:

  1. If the leather is too wet, poor adhesion of color will result. It is recommended that the leather dry thoroughly-AT LEAST 24 HOURS-after cleaning. CLEAN and DRY cannot be over emphasized.

  3. If the leather is too cold, poor adhesion of color will result. The ideal temperature range in which to work is 65° – 82° F. If you live in a cold climate, and do not have access to a heated garage, it is advisable to remove the seats from the car and work on them in a heated basement or workroom.

  5. If any silicone base product has been applied to the surface of the leather, poor adhesion of color will result. Silicone clogs the pores of the leather and evaporates from the surface forever. Repeated cleaning of the leather with our SUPER-CLEANER or with quick-dry lacquer thinner is necessary before enough silicone will be removed to attempt re-coloring. After cleaning and light sanding of the surface of the leather SURFLEX may be applied. Even after all of this preparation, SURFLEX may not adhere properly because of the nature of silicone.

    For maximum flexibility, SURFLEX should be applied in two or three light coats-NOT IN ONE THICK COAT. One heavy application could result in cracking or flaking. To achieve complete color coverage with maximum flexibility, always apply 2 or more light coats of SURFLEX. Your first coat could look rather unfinished with areas not completely covered. A second, or third coat, if necessary, will accomplish the job. Some bright red colors or very light colors may require additional applications. Please read about Brush Application & Spray Application pages 14 & 15 in our free booklet “About Leather.”



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